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Bug#156142: install-info: /usr/info/dir still exists?

Josip Rodin <joy@gkvk.hr> writes:

> > In a fresh Woody install, is the dir in "/usr/info"?  XEmacs 21.4.8 at
> > least cannot find it there.  The command line "info" does, however.
> Ah, then XEmacs must have jumped the gun. Other readers I heard of were fine
> with the old location...

Actually, what it is is that I've got the latest XEmacs installed in
there.  I do think he jumped the gun though.  At least for a one more
release, things should keep looking in the old location first, in case
the dir is still there.  The patch I sent does not add "/usr/info" to
the Info-directory-list unless the "dir" file is found there.

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