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Re: dpkg should recommend dselect

Glenn McGrath wrote:
> I think we should be reduceing the number of required packages, not
> increasing them.

You should consider the current dpkg/dselect status in sarge as the
first step of a two-step process. The purpose of the split is to
increase (in the long run) the freedom of dpkg/dselect users. In the
long run, people will be able to install dpkg and not dselect. This is
a freedom current dpkg/dselect users do not have (unless they rm dselect
manually, which would be a system abuse).

Since the sum of dpkg+dselect packages are the equivalent of the previous
dpkg package, it may be true that there is now one more required package,
but since the code is the same as before, it's not a *real* increase.

Think about the current (incomplete) split as the step that will make
the second step possible (namely, when dpkg will no longer depend on
dselect, and dselect will stop being essential de-facto).

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