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Re: Why does dpkg package depend on dselect?

Am Donnerstag, 8. August 2002 20:44 schrieb Sean 'Shaleh' Perry:
> On 08-Aug-2002 Hendrik Sattler wrote:
> > with the latest change in testing, dselect is in its own package. But why
> > does dpkg depends on that package? Isn't dselect just a frontend to dpkg?
> > If yes, shouldn't then dselect depend on dpkg and not the other way?
> most likely so that dselect did not just silently disappear during the
> upgrade.

Indeed. But does this mean, this non-dependency will never get fixed? 
Couldn't it be something like
	dselect | <nothing>
(don't know how to explain dpkg the <nothing>). This way, it would be 
automatically selected on upgrade and could be remove at will later. Hmm, the 
above would probably be a Suggests:. Isn't his handled by dselect? So, when 
upgrading with something else than dselect, you could display a debhelper 
message with highest priority that dselect is now its own package.
If that is far to risky, why are there two packages as there is no 
alternative mentioned?
It just doesn't make sense to split a few KB from a far bigger package when 
there is no way around installing both. It just makes the Packages.gz bigger. 
Or is there a long-term goal and solution?


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