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Re: thoughts on signature verification

> Apt can/should handle things in a more complicated way; in particular if
> it's downloading packages from Debian it should expect a Debian signature,
> while downloading Blackdown Java or OpenOffice.org stuff should have a
> signature from a Blackdown or OpenOffice.org key. 
> Dpkg, OTOH, can't tell where a package is meant to have come from, so can
> only do:
> 	a) Check the signature's valid, and report who signed it
> 	b) Expect the user to tell it which keyring to use, and check that
> 	   the key's in that keyring (dpkg-source --from=debian -x *.dsc)
> 	c) Check that the signature is from the "Maintainer:"

You really need the read the debsig-verify package signing docs. In
fact, anything can tell with a good bit of security, just where a
package came from. The signing policy handles this. Apt and/or dpkg
simply call debsig-verify (note, the URL you download it from is not a
security measure, especially considering lots of people have local
mirrors, or hand-downloaded packages).

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