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Bug#155849: dpkg: Programs misbehave when called through alternatives. Proposal to change symlinks to scripts

On Wed, 2002-08-07 at 18:46, Carlos Sousa wrote:

> If /etc/alternatives/editor points to /usr/bin/jemacs, which is a link
> to /usr/bin/joe meant to call joe with emacs key bindings, then whenever
> "editor" is invoked joe will come up with its default behaviour (no emacs
> key bindings).

Programs just shouldn't rely on their executed name to determine their
behavior.  It's not portable, and can cause problems in other situations
(as you have shown).  There's a reason it's against the GNU Coding

I suggest you reassign this bug to joe, and have its authors turn
"jemacs" into a shell script or small C program which just execs joe
with an argument like --emacs-keybindings.  That will always work.

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