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Dpkg under unix


I have compiled dpkg under some unix systems (solaris 8, hpux 11, irix 6.5 

You can find the binaries, patches and further explanations here: 

	I do not use dpkg for the main system (which is already installed), but 
for the free packages that people may use every day (gimp, open ssh, gcc, 
gmake, ...). You can call it Debian/GNU/Solaris if you want ;-)

In order not to interfere with the unix host, I changed some things.
Now I can install my packages where I want in the system, by setting
the environement variable DEBROOT (/opt/deb, or /usr/local/free for example).
The whole distribution is installed in DEBROOT.

	The owner of the DEBROOT tree should not be necessary root.
That's why, some ugly changes were made in the source to modify how the --root 
option works.
I don't use the chroot() function anymore and some chown() were also removed.

In order to work, the install scripts must be aware that they do not
necessary work in / (by reading the DEBROOT variable).

Would some of these patches be integrated if properly written ? 
What would you consider as a proper way to deal with this feature ?

	Personnaly, I would simply test if the DEBROOT variable is set when dpkg
However, this feature may also be disabled at compile time.

Other people might need similar functionalities (cygwin,
fink, etc).

I would like to hear people opinions.


Nicollet Xavier  Free&ALter Soft - Paris

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