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Bug#154468: dpkg-dev: dpkg-buildpackage could make building debug versions easier

Previously Ben Collins wrote:
> No it's not. DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS is specific to the Debian way of doing
> things, when under the package system.

Right. Nothing in dpkg has anything to do with DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS and
does not need to. 

> You add that support to debian/rules, which is very much Debian
> specific.

No, debian/rules is specific for the source package format that
dpkg uses. DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS is just an environment variable
that someone can set that which debian/rules can use.

> Are you going to remove the debian/ directory from the package too,
> because it is Debian specific? :)

The name of the debian directory is a misnomer, but obviously we
aren't going to change that.


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