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Bug#153547: start-stop-daemon: pid_is_exec may fails to achieve its goal

Without a "broken package", I can find one case where the inode change will be
a problem:
  - foo is a daemon started with perl (or python, java, etc.).
  - the init script for foo uses '--exec /path/to/perl' to make s-s-d make the
correct check
  - foo is started
  - perl is upgraded
  - after this, the init script will fail stopping/restarting foo

I admit this is some kind of corner case, but really the inode change is
something that can happen sometimes during system operation : moving/replacing
files, backuping, mouting something over /usr when changing partition layout, etc.

Perhaps I'm missing something somewhere, but what's the point of checking 
the inode ? How is it better than checking the path ?


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