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RE: where should patches be sent?

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> From: Xavier Nicollet [mailto:nicollet@efrei.fr] 
> Sent: Thursday, 18 July 2002 8:16 PM
> To: Robert Collins

> > 3) Alter all (found) instances of root checking in .c or 
> scripts to use
> > permission
> > checks instead. (i.e. try and fail, rather than assume 
> failure). (Only
> > affects cygwin).
> 	It may not be a cygwin specific issue.
> I am currently testing dpkg under hpux, irix and solaris. It 
> is not used to
> manage the system itself, but a bunch of free software (gimp, 
> gcc, bash,
> ...).
> The trick is that the system may not be owned by root.
> Currently, I have commented the chown(0,0) in the c code, so 
> I would also be
> interested in a proper method.

Well my stuff is pretty primitive at the moment. I'm not confident I've
found all the occurences yet either.
> BTW, I wonder how you manage the chroot() ? Does cygwin emulates it ?

Cygwin has chroot() - it's had it for some years :}.

It can be broken out of simply by using native IO calls though :[.


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