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Re: Bug#153200: dselect: update reports wrong "available" pathname

On Tue, 16 Jul 2002, Joey Hess wrote:

> joey@silk:~>dpkg -S /usr/lib/dpkg/methods/apt/update 
> apt: /usr/lib/dpkg/methods/apt/update
> Anyway, I'm going to repoen this bug and reassign it to apt. The line:
>     $DPKG "$DPKG_OPTS" --update-avail $CACHEDIR/available
> Should be /dev/nulled, since it outputs no useful information, but just
> something confusing as this bug report shows.

I disagree, this is not a APT specific problem, all dselect methods do it
this way (and have this problem). If you think the message is confusing
then dpkg should not print it. 


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