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Bug#152370: dpkg: dselect fails on upgrade: dpkg to blame?

severity 152370 important
reassign 152370 dselect
merge 152370 152137
tag 152370 + pending

On Tue, 9 Jul 2002, nick wrote:

> After upgrading to dpkg 1.10.2, running update from within
> dselect results in an error:
> dselect: unable to access method script `/usr/lib/dpkg/methods/disk/setup': No such file or directory
> Fortuantely, apt-get still seems to work.

Please check existing bug reports before filing new ones.  This one is a
duplicate, and is already fixed in cvs.

Also, the package is not unusuable.  Just parts of it are.  Please reread the
bug severities.

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