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Re: Bug#151996: Broken /etc/init.d/tomcat4 start|stop|restart

Thomas Morin wrote:

Currently, the init script doesn't work : 'restart' won't restart it but
spawns a new tomcat4 that quickly stops because it can't bind its socket,
'stop' won't stop it. If you 'start' it 5 times it will create 5 tomcat4
instances, but 4 will stop because they can't bind their socket, and then
/var/run/tomcat4.pid will have the wrong PID, because the right one was

I have just tested this: Everything works fine with dpkg 1.9 but fails in the way you have described above with dpkg 1.10. So it looks like this is a bug (well, at least an incompatible change) in dpkg to me.

Stefan Gybas

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