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Bug#151802: Mailer-Daemon@wiggy.net: Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender]

Le Wednesday 03 July 2002 à 16:25:43 +0200, Wichert Akkerman a écrit:
> Note: please do not use 8-bit characters in your from address, it
> severly messes up mutt.
> Previously Lo?c Le Loarer wrote:
> > Well everything is in the subject, a chdir option can be useful for
> > certain program which are not every user friendly and must be launch in
> > the right directory. Here is a patch to do this.
> This feels a bit like featuritis, why not simply do a chdir before
> you run start-stop-daemon?

In fact you are right in most cases when the background option is on
because this option forces a chdir("/"). This is why I need this chdir
option. Perhaps the chdir("/") in the background code can be removed ?

What to you think the solution should be ?


P.S.: I have just discover that my patch is wrong to solve this issue
because it performes the chdir after the background code, just put the 4
        if (changedir != NULL) {
                if (chdir(changedir) < 0)
                        fatal("Unable to chdir() to %s", changedir);
after the background code.


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