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Bug#151501: dpkg: dpkg depends on dselect

On Mon, 1 Jul 2002, Glenn McGrath wrote:

> dselect was previously installed by the dpkg package, as dselect is now in
> its own package you can remove the dselect package, previously you
> couldnt.

Er, this is not right.

The dselect program used to be part of the dpkg package.  Dpkg now
'pre-depends' on dselect.  This is so that upgrading from an old dpkg will
cause the new dselect to be installed first.  This is absolutely required, so
that those upgrading thru dselect(and it's methods) don't find it has gone

After this arrangement has entered into a stable release of Debian, we can
revisit this dependency.  But until then, you will have to live with this

After all, before, you had both dpkg and dselect installed.  Now, you still
have both installed.

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