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Bug#143701: apt-localepurge: ja man pages are in package j2sdk1.3

On Sun, 28 Apr 2002, Paul Seelig wrote:

> I think that dpkg needs a feature to exclose parts of a package from
> installation.  This will be the very time when localepurge will be removed
> from Debian because it will by then be obsolete.  There is BTW no gain
> from changing any timing because localepurge is the very last thing
> executed after every package has already been installed and configured.

dpkg-divert dpkg-deb, and filter the output of dpkg-deb, to modify the tarball
on the fly, so these files are not ever sent to dpkg for processing.

Don't forget to handle long names or long links(gnu variety).

Something more generic, exactly like the above, will eventually be made part
of dpkg.  But, until then, doing something like the above is the best way to
solve all the current issues.

Except, of course, for programs that require the files being removed to exist.

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