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Bug#144515: dpkg --print-architecture on i386 sometimes prints i386-none

Package: dpkg
Version: 1.9.20

If gcc is not installed, dpkg --print-architecture seems to print i386-none
instead of i386.  This appears to be because that the relevant path
component in the libgcc filename that it fakes up if it can't run gcc
--print-libgcc-filename is not matched in archtable.

Reproduce by debootstrapping yourself a base system on an i386, and running 
chroot /path/to/base/system dpkg --print-architecture

kcr@ORTHANC# chroot /home/install dpkg --print-architecture
dpkg: warning, architecture `i386-none' not in remapping table

[Also, the comment at the top of the archtable file appears to be
incorrect; on a fproperly functioning (?) i386 both --print-architecure and
--print-installation-architecture print i386, and
--print-gnu-build-architecture is what prints i486]

This could be fixed by either modifying archtable to include i386-none, or
having the faked-up string be arch-linux instead of arch-none.

Note that this bug is related to [and in fact alluded to in] #8241.


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