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sgml source of man pages and translation


I've seen recently the add of sgml source files for the man pages in the
CVS. I'm really happy of this change, but I would like some more
information about it.

First, AFAICS, they are not used yet to generate the pages. I guess it is an
ongoing work, and you will definitively switch when sure that it works, am I

Then, you choosed to use the sgml version of DocBook, and not the xml one.
That's quite sad in my point of view, since tools exists to manage the
translation of xml files easily. Would it be possible to change the headers
<!DOCTYPE refentry PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.1//EN">
<!DOCTYPE refentry PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1//EN"
The problem is that if you do so, you get a ton of errors like:
"X22A3" is not a function name

Even if I'm not online right now to make it sure, I guess it's related to a
commit I've seen (but erased too early) about removing useless ISO stuff.

The benefit is that using the poxml package, you can convert the english
file to a pot file (separated from the main one, not distributed in the
tarballs), then, you translate this file like any other po, and then you can
generate the (translated) xml file back. This ease greatly tracking which
file is outdated, and which part changed.

It wont add any build or plain depend, since this process only have to take
place on translators machines. Only man pages are distributed.

What is your opinion here ? Is there some bad things I missed about docbook
xml, or could you imagine to switch ?

Thanks, Mt.

Si les grands esprits se rencontrent, les petits esprits, eux, se cognent.

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