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Bug#141906: dpkg-dev: change use of shlib: to shlibs: in dpkg-source.1

Package: dpkg-dev
Version: 1.9.20
Severity: minor
Tags: patch

The -pvarnameprefix option in the dpkg-source.1 manpage talks about the
'shlib:' prefix rather than the 'shlibs:' prefix.  A patch is attached
to fix this reference.

diff -u dpkg-1.9.20/scripts/dpkg-source.1.orig dpkg-1.9.20/scripts/dpkg-source.1
--- dpkg-1.9.20/scripts/dpkg-source.1.orig	Thu Jun 21 20:00:36 2001
+++ dpkg-1.9.20/scripts/dpkg-source.1	Mon Apr  8 23:19:28 2002
@@ -497,11 +497,11 @@
 Causes substitution variables to start with
 .IB varnameprefix :
 instead of
-.BR shlib: .
+.BR shlibs: .
 Likewise, any existing substitution variables starting with
 .IB varnameprefix :
 (rather than
-.BR shlib: )
+.BR shlibs: )
 are removed from the the substitution variables file.
 .BI -L localshlibsfile

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