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Dependency problem

	I just thought I would mention a mild problem I has with the testing
distribution. I had the packages gcc-avr version
and avr-libc version 200010708-2 installed, both being the latest.

However gcc-avr recommends avr-libc 20010708-3 minimum. Unfortunately version
3 has been held up for some reason.

In dselect, the conflict/dependency resolution sub-list will not let me exit,
pressing return simply puts me back into the help screen. 
I can only exit by pressing a Q. So this seems to me to be a dselect problem.

There would probably also be a problem in that it is possible to set up a
dependency on packages that dont exist.

I am emailing this since I think I should mention such issues, but I am not
reporting it as a bug because it is probably a well known problem,
	Good Luck
		Peter Garrone

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