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--print*architecture options


	I am confused with regards to the $srcdir/archtable file (and by
extension, the $srcdir/main/archtable.h file) and the various
-print-architecture options. The documentation in $srcdir/archtable says
that column 2 is the string returned by --print-installation-architecture
and column 3 is the string returned by --print-architecture. Yet on my
i386 system, both these options return 'i386' and there is no line in
archtable which corresponds to this output.

	--print-gnu-build-architecture returns 'i486' on my intel system,
so this is where column 3 is used. Is this behaviour a bug in the program
or in the documentation? What are the meanings attached to these options?
I am trying to figure out the right entry for my port to AIX of dpkg. In
this case, the column 1 entry would be powerpc-ibm-aix5.1.0.0 and I am not
sure of what the other two columns should be.


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