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How to leave a package uninstalled, always


I have a quick faq: I have installed some programs by hand into
/usr/local and do NOT want dselect/dpkg to try to install these
packages because some other programs depend on tetex or similar.
(I maintain a part of the TeX-live tree and have my own tex
installation, so I do not need tetex, libkpathsea etc).

Now I always do the following: Select the packages in dselect,
press enter to go to the main menu but I pop into the conflict
screen, press R for getting the previous selected packages, those
without tetex..., then press Q for accept this without further
question, then install. This has to be repeaed always.

But there must be a better way. Holding (=) does not work.

PLEASE: replay by email since I am not subscribed to this list.

Best wishes


Norbert Preining <preining@logic.at> 
University of Technology Vienna, Austria            gpg DSA: 0x09C5B094
TIMBLE (vb.)

(Of small nasty children.) To fail over very gently, look around to
see who's about, and then yell blue murder.

			--- Douglas Adams, The Meaning of Liff 

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