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Re: aclocal.m4 for dpkg (fwd)

On Sun, 17 Feb 2002, Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously Jor-el wrote:
> > PS.  Wichert - have you "killfiled" me or is your spamassasin acting up?
> I'm just very busy.
> > 	My question though has to do with the aclocal.m4 file that is
> > distributed in the source deb. Why would this be different from the one I
> > get when I run aclocal. Should I not be running aclocal? Why not?
> The aclocal.m4 file in the source deb is generated using "aclocal -I
> ./automake" from the autogen.sh file. Perhaps you are missing that -I
> option?

        What autogen.sh file? The only autogen.sh I can find on my system
is one that is supplied as an example in autotools-dev. I definitely do
not find it in the source tar. Perhaps you meant that I should write my
own autogen.sh ?


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