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Bug#133517: dpkg --compare-versions returns always true

Package: dpkg
Version: 1.9.18
Severity: normal

It seems that dpkg --compare-versions returns always true. This breaks for example the modutils.preinst script (version 2.4.13-3 in my case) which checks against the kernel-version with the following command:
dpkg --compare-versions "`uname -r`" lt 2.2.0

Another example of this errornous behaviour:
# dpkg --compare-versions 2.2.14 lt 2.2.0; echo $?
# dpkg --compare-versions 2.2.14 gt 2.2.0; echo $?

System Information:
# uname -srm
Linux 2.4.14 i686
# dpkg -s libc6 | grep ^Version
Version: 2.2.5-3

Feel free to email me if there are any further questions.

 Best regards,
  Stefan Brink                               mailto:brefan@gmx.de

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