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Re: apt-get --reinstall ...

Previously Joey Hess wrote:
> All in all, I'd like to see this turned off after woody and we can see what
> breaks and decide if it should stay off. And a flag to make dpkg reset
> directory perms would be an easy way to do that (just drop it in
> /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg). I might even be up for coding this, if statoverride
> already supports overriding the permissions of directories.

It does I think. It will be much more interesting once dpkg keeps
track of (shared) ownership of directories since you can then do
things like:

* if package is the only owner of a directory change the permissions
  if the package has them differently
* if a directory is shared don't change them

But if we start changing directories we would also need to introduce
the concept of a `confdirectory' for which we're not allowed to changes


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