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Re: [alan@tomun.yi.org: Bug#129807: wont upgrade from version in pototo]

On Sat, 19 Jan 2002, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:

> Can I get some help with this?  Is it illegal to have two conffiles
> hardlinked to each other?  It unpacks them to their new names, as best
> I can tell, and then fails to make the link.
> I'm going to remove the hardlink anyway, since this affects upgrades.

Yes, it is illegal.  You can't have symlinks nor hardlinks with conffiles.  I
know that the symlink case is documented.  Consider /etc/rc?.d/.

With symlinks, it's at least easy to see which 2 packages are at fault; with
hardlinks, this isn't the case.

Btw, that bug s/b rc, package doesn't follow policy(conffile linkage).  I
won't change it, as you'll probably have a fix shortly.

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