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Re: dpkg-cross maintenance status

In the article <[🔎] 200201070834.g078YaM02286@mule.m17n.org>,
NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe@m17n.org> wrote:

> David Schleef wrote:
>  > Perhaps some day, we might have cross-compiling as part of Debian
>  > policy (or at least a tag for cross-compiliability), but I
>  > certainly wouldn't advocate that now, as it would cause too much
>  > turmoil.
> Things I've noticed:
>    (1) Original software is not ready for cross compiling, hard to solve.
>        Typical case is the one which builds small program at first
>        and then run it to generate full-featured one.
>           Perl, GNU Emacs and others.
>    (2) Original software is not ready for cross compiling, easy to fix.
>        Software which hard-code C compiler as "gcc" in Makefile.
>        Just fix it to $(CC).
>    (3) Pakcages which need --host=XXX option when invoking configure.
>    (4) Packaging mistake.  Confusion of BUILD and HOST.
>    (5) Package which does test on build.  We cannot test generated
>        executable in case of cross compiling.
> I think that for case #5, we could have some sort of guildline or
> tools, separation of build and test would be good thing (in general).

Good summary.  This reminds me of most troubles I've ever suffered
when cross compiling. :->

Today I was told that some source packages support cross compiling by
itself (see Bug#127909; thanks to Marcus Brinkmann).

That's very helpful indeed, but IMO every package doesn't need to
support cross compiling.  This request would increase maintainer's
load and it would take a long time.

Rather than that, standard tools like dpkg-buildpackage should take
care of trivial matters, for example setting CC=sh3-linux-gcc before
running debian/rules.

I think that the additional functionality of dpkg-cross is not so
complicated.  It would be good if some of that would be commonly
supported by the standard dpkg-dev suite.

YAEGASHI Takeshi <t@keshi.org> <takeshi@yaegashi.jp> <yaegashi@dodes.org>

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