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Re: Builds undistributalbe debs without perl in the standard path.


At Wed, 2 Jan 2002 01:02:53 +0100,
Wichert Akkerman wrote:

> Previously YAEGASHI Takeshi wrote:
> > When perl executable is not in the standard path (/usr/local/bin/perl,
> > for instance), it generates perl scripts with the corresponding header
> > and results in undistributable debs.
> True, configure should probably check where perl lives and update
> the scripts on install accordingly.
> > I understand that is because dpkg is no longer for GNU/Linux system
> > only.  I think it's good idea to restrict PATH for configure in
> > debian/rules.
> Can you explain why?

Yes.  That's to avoid building broken dpkg debs by mistake under
Debian environment.  /usr/sbin/update-alternatives that needs
/usr/local/bin/perl would be quite harmful to most sites.

Of course, the perl check itself is useful especially for the build
under non-Debian environment, e.g. *BSD, Solaris, but not needed for
Debian system.

We can explicitly use standard /usr/bin/perl by restricting PATH to
/usr/bin:/bin when configure.

Can we assume it's already under Debian environment when configuring
and building dpkg in debian/rules?

YAEGASHI Takeshi <t@keshi.org> <takeshi@yaegashi.jp> <yaegashi@dodes.org>

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