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pending dpkg 1.10 release

I'm mostly done for the dpkg 1.10 release. The important new features

* better handling of Recommends and Suggests in dselect (Joey Hess)
* configurable colours in dselect (Joey Hess)
* Accept infinite lenght numbers in versions and add ~ as a low-sorting
  character (Anthony Towns)
* dselect moved to its own package. You can't remove it though.
* you can do regular expression search in dselect and search though
* dpkg query commands have been moved to a new dpkg-query tool
* add an option to configure the output of dpkg-query. This allows
  you to do things like:

	dpkg-query --showformat='${Version;-10} ${Package}\n' -W

At this point I do need some help from others though:
* translations need to be updated.
* I'ld love to see (patches for) improvements to the various manpages.
  I'm too familiar with dpkg by now to write good documentation for it.


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