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Re: support for multilingual Packages files?

1) It is my opinion that only the Description field and the fields names 
should have a translation. Does this sounds reasonable?
2) An important issue that should be agreed upon is the character encoding 
scheme of these i18n files. If I remember correctly the `Introduction to i18n' 
suggests that UTF-8 should be chosen.
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On Sun, Jul 01, 2001 at 09:56:14AM +1000, Craig Sanders wrote:
> Description: TTY client for LysKOM [Swedish]
>  Med lyskom kan du koppla upp dig till ditt favorit-LysKOM. Ett
>  LysKOM är ett datoriserat konferenssystem där du kan delta i
>  diskussioner, ställa frågor, och komma i kontakt med intressanta
>  människor.
> huh? the Description field should be in english, like all other
> packages.

you are right.

> if you want your native language in the Packages file (an admirable
> goal), then the thing to do is NOT to use random languages in the
> standard Packages file, it is to work on adding support for Packages.en,
> Packages.se, Packages.de, Packages.XX to dpkg, dselect, apt, and other
> tools.

we must work on this.

IMHO there are translation with -es and -jp. We are working on -de.

> (i believe there is a project in progress to do that, but don't recall
> the details - try searching the debian-devel archives)

I don't know a progress to support translated Package-file in dpkg,
apt etc. Have someone a URL? 

Can we support something like this: 

With this, a root can add a line to this apt/source.list, like:
deb http://http.de.debian.org/ de/potato main contrib non-free

and he has german Package descriptions...

(I know that the proposal is a hack. But what is a problem with this


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