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Recent dpkg-source modifications, 1.9.1[123]

As many have probably noticed, dpkg-dev 1.9.11 thru 1.9.12(and .13 which is
waiting in cvs) have been stumbling upon 'errors' with source package
extraction.  The cause of this, was a patch to 1.9.11, that enabled previously
disabled sanity checking.

Some of these checks are too strict.  Some are actually correct.  However,
debian wants to support the concept of not modifying upstream source, before
placing it in our archive.  To work around these errors that dpkg-source
finds, would mean modifying the upstream source tarball.

In cvs, the v1_9 branch, I have code that turns most of these errors into
warnings.  However, it does not yet do this by default.  I am currently
pulling down all source packages, and will be testing them, for compliance.
If a small set fail, then I see no need to turn these errors off, by default.
However, if this set is more than miniscule(not sure how many it will take to
become that), then I will make these errors warnings by default.

I will, however, continue to print out the warning messages, and will not turn
them off.  These checks really do point out problems with the upstream
distribution of said tarballs, and really should be fixed.

Problems discovered so far:

 * tarball contains leading './'
 * tarball contains files in a subdir, but tarball doesn't contain the subdir
   The above can also happen if the subdir comes after the file.

1.9.12 currently doesn't like packages that don't contain a top-level
directory of the form <pkg>-<ver>.  This is fixed in cvs, and is not what I am
discussing here.

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