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Re: Question: Can dpkg relocate package

Previously Soraia Paz wrote:
> 	I'm converting Redhat .rpm to Debian .deb. I was wondering if dpkg
>  allows you to relocate a package at install time. Something similar to RPMs
>  --prefix?

It does not allow you to do that.

> If not how does dpkg work? Does it just install where ever you put
> it or based on the directory structure when the package was 
> first created?

Same structure as when the package was created starting in /, just
like a normal rpm run.

Basically the problem is this: you can not guarantee that --prefix 
really works safely. It works if you just unpack files, but the moment
a maintainer script is run to do some extra work things will break
since they try to use the default locations. That is true for rpm
as well, but they give you the option to shoot yourself in the foot

That leaves you with two options: unpack a package manually in
another directory using dpkg -x and realize that you might break
things, or use a full chroot and use dpkg --root.


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