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Re: Question: Can dpkg relocate package

[Soraia Paz wrote...]
-| Yes,
-|          I can convert the .rpm to .deb with alien and that works okay, but 
-| the scripts that run before and after install/uninstall don't run with dpkg. 
-| So I've decided that I'm better off just creating Debian packages. 
-| But now I can't find out how I would go about installing somewhere other 
-| than the default location. I'm even a bit sketchy on specifying
-| the default install location. For example, if I wanted to install in /opt 
-| by default would I just create a directory structure /opt/myProgram? 
-| And if the user wants to install it somewhere else, is there an option for this?
-| Thanks

doesn't the --admindir option do what you want?

			ibraheem umaru-mohammed

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