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Re: ia32 user space on ia64, et al

adam@lapdoog.doogie.brainfood.com (Adam Heath) writes:

> Wichert and I have discussed how we might modify dpkg to support multiple
> similiar arches on a single machine, but again, I don't think this should be
> put into woody.

Ok, then it's brainstorming time.

I can easily craft an ia32-libs package for ia64 in the way the TL folks did 
as a stop-gap solution for getting some ia32 shared libraries installed on
the system.  That would allow us to defer the question of how to properly
install ia32 shared libs on an ia64 system... this package will go stale, but
hopefully not too badly before we replace it with a better approach.

What's the simplest way for me to install an ia32 (i386) existing .deb on an
ia64 system?  I didn't, offhand, see a --force-architecture switch in the dpkg
documentation.  Does one exist?  If not, could that be added?  

It's perfectly ok with me if this has to be a "manually fetch the i386 .deb's
you want to install, and run this dpkg command with these options to install
them" kind of solution for ia64 in the woody timeframe, as long as we've got
a good story to tell about how this will get done right for woody+1.


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