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Re: How to set file ownship and permission of deb

Hi, Akkerman:

For some reasons, it is not very good for me to do
chown and chmod for the files. I am looking to not
change the files permission, but package the file with
the permission I wanted. 

RPM allowed you to package the file with any
permission you want without change the temporary file

Thanks for your answer!


--- Wichert Akkerman <wichert@cistron.nl> wrote:
> Previously Zengfa Gao wrote:
> > I know that for RPM, we can use
> "attr(755,root,bin)
> > file_name" to set the ownship and permission. How
> it
> > works for DPKG?
> Just assume you're root and do a normal chown and
> chmod. If
> you're not root we use fakeroot to trick the
> buildsystem into
> thinking you are root so that works. 
> Wichert.
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