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Re: packages (stable, unstable, and somewhere between)


On Wed, May 16, 2001 at 02:38:16PM -0400, Darkhaven wrote:
> if i add an unstable line to the sources.list, when i do a
> dist-upgrade, i'll have an unstable system. there are 2 ways that i've
> thought of to possibly get around them (i haven't tried either yet - i
> thought i'd test the watters for good ideas):

Never tried one of your ideas, maybe it will work, but I can't imagine
how to handle it.

> i have also thought of just getting the package and compiling them, or
> just downloading the package off the ftp site, however if i were to do
> that, after a month or so, i'd have to do it again, or the stable
> package would become newer than the unstable one (which would be a
> pain). not to mention having to get the dependancies.
> ANY ideas? my head hurts from thinking about this, so any and all
> ideas would be appreciated.
I needed some unstable and/or testing packages, too. e.g. a newer
insmod-package, coz I needed modutils 2.4.0 to build a newer kernel.

This is how it worked for me:
I added a new source-line in the sources.list:
deb-src ftp://ftp.uni-erlangen.de/pub/Linux/debian unstable main
non-free contrib

This is a server near my home, so maybe you should use another one ;-)
But important is only that it is for unstable sources!

Then I make an apt-get update to fetch info of the deb-src tree.

When finished I use
apt-get source packagename --compile 
to get the package's source and to compile it. (e.g. apt-get source
e2fsprogs --compile)
apt-get compiles it in the actual directory, so I always start those
processes in /tmp
When finished you have new deb-file in the directory which you can
install with dpkg -i packagename

Sometimes, of course, there are other newer packages needed to do so.
That's a little pain to get the needed packages all by source. But for
my few desires it was good enough.

Maybe you'd like to do so...?

Best regards,

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