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Re: LSB LCD: finding packages for bulk lib*.so and bin/* filenames in bulk.

On Mon, Apr 23, 2001 at 11:45:08AM -0400, Albert den Haan wrote:
> My question
> -----------
> The LSB has a MySQL data base of the files and commands that are part of a
> compliant implementation.  I hope to use this DB to autogenerate the
> depends: list of the meta-package.
> However either I am missing something or this is a compute intensive job. 
> For example if I am searching for the package that contains the command
> "tr" then I search for "dpkg --search bin/tr".  But that gets me 
> 	$ dpkg -S bin/tr   
> 	xscreensaver: /usr/X11R6/bin/triangle
> 	shellutils: /bin/true
> 	textutils: /usr/bin/tr
> 	traceroute: /usr/sbin/traceroute
> 	ispell: /usr/bin/tryaffix
> 	xscreensaver: /usr/X11R6/bin/truchet
> 	groff: /usr/bin/troff
> 	netbase: /usr/bin/tracepath6
> 	tree: /usr/bin/tree
> 	netbase: /usr/bin/tracepath
> 	netbase: /usr/bin/traceroute6
> 	transfig: /usr/X11R6/bin/transfig
> 	tcpd: /usr/sbin/try-from
> AFICT dpkg --search does not honor $:
> 	$ dpkg -S bin/tr\$
> 	dpkg: *bin/tr$* not found
> but grep does:
> 	$ dpkg -S bin/tr | grep "bin/tr$"
> 	textutils: /usr/bin/tr
> I can then use the same techniques as dpkg-shlibdeps (potato version :) to
> find the package name and put that in my depends list.
> But, I have to repeat this for every bin/* and lib/* entity mandated in the
> LSB DB.  It takes a while.  Is there a faster way?  I've tried a few bulk
> searches by asking dpkg -S to find more than one file but there are some
> common prefixes in the LSB mandated commands too :(.

1.) get debian/dists/potato/Contents-i386.gz from a debian mirror
2.) unzip it
3.) grep "bin/tr        " Contents-i386.gz
    usr/bin/tr					 base/textutils
4.) repeat 3. 

grep is fast and you search in all debian packages and not only in the
installed packages.

> Also, how do I query for diverted entities like awk?

Oh. this is IMHO a problem. 

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