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Re: dpkg

Ben Collins wrote:
> > > IMO, about the only way to
> > > get real speedup is for all of this data to be in a hashed database,
> > > on disk, so all dpkg has to do is open the database and verify files.
> > > The hash will already be avaiable. However, there are probably some
> > > caveats to this.
> >
> > Well another useful optimization would be to not read the available file
> > at all if nothing it is going to do involves the available file.
> >
> > I've just zeroed mine out, sigh.
> Some of the installs change what is in the available file. However, we
> do need to get rid of it somehow. Dselect holds us back again...
> Wichert, any plans on how to deintegrate dselect from dpkg? Maybe a
> dpkg-available tool that dpkg can start calling when it needs to?

What does apt do for its equivalent to the available file ? 


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