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Re: Part of someone's signature.

*Blush* I just spammed debian.devel.dpkg! *Blush* 

Ok. I was going to send this to someone as a neat signature and hit "send"
a little too early.    Then came the horrible realization of what I had

Consider me punished.


Albert den Haan wrote:
> "We all enter this world in the same way: naked; screaming; soaked in
> blood. But if you live your life right, that kind of thing doesn't have
> to stop there." -- Dana Gould

Albert den Haan, Lead Developer @ Linux Port Team . Corel Corporation
albertd@corel.com  (613) 728-0826 x 5318
The address in the headers is not the poster's real email address.  Do not send
private mail to the poster using your mailer's "reply" feature.  CC's of mail 
to mailing lists are OK.  Problem reports to "postmaster@umail.corel.com".  
The poster's email address is "albertd@corel.com".

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