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This is just a proposition. Please tell me if anyone is interessed, but
also tell me if you think I can throw it away...

I recently developped a small .sh script (for personal purpose) that
looks for packages that could be removed from the system.
It is not like "deborphan", as far as I understans what deborphan does.
It is much more simpler but it has some restrictions.

Here is how it works :
you give it the name of packages that you just removed (say "foo")
it gives you the name of packages that where used by foo and that are no
more required.

I install foo (apt-get install foo) that requires libfoobar, not used by
anybody else on my debian system.
I remove foo
Then I ask for new removables : "dpkg-to-remove foo" -> "libfoobar"

You can give it many packages at once if you want.
This script however only works when you give it the name of the packages
you removed. This is the reason why it should be integrated to "dpkg
--remove" (or whatever does this) in order to be efficient.

What I propose is to send "root" a list of "packages that you couls
remove because you removed this one" after each removal.

My script is available for anybody who wants it. It has a lot of
comments, and it is very small.

Please tell me if you are interested or if you think I could throw it

Hope I'll help,
LIMSI-CNRS, BP133, 91403 Orsay, France

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