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new dpkg-scanlibs release

Or rather, dpkg-shlibs.py as it is called now. It seems stable enough
to replace dpkg-shlibdeps.pl now so I changed its name.

Changes since the first version:

* don't hardcode errno values anymore
* pre-cache data so we only need to do one dpkg -S call for extra
* remove dlocate usage code: the performance gain isn't all that great
  and it might return outdated data
* rewrote option parser to make it fully compatible with dpkg-shlibs.pl
* bit more error handling

Things still on the TODO list:
* don't abort immediately if we have a package with a missing shlibs
  file, but check if another package provides a library as well and
  does have a shlibs file (libc6-dbg triggers this)
* add more error checking

I would appreciate success/failure reports for non-Linux systems,
as well as bugs found..


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