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Re: Current "dpkg on Hurd" issues

Previously Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> * #31620: Use of hard fixed errno ENOENT in some scripts
>   Wichert says he would ask Jason if apt copes with a predependency on
>   perl-5.6-base. If it doesn't, it should, but it makes sense to delay the
>   change until apt can cope if it can't already, if that is not an infinite
>   amount of time.

Will fix, partially in perl partially by rewriting dpkg-dev things in

> * #76941: archtable/configure.in vs i386-gnu/i386-gnu0.2
>   configure.in should check for the prefix rather than an exact match.
>   Same issue on some BSD systems, see
>   http://lists.debian.org/debian-dpkg-0011/msg00017.html

It works fine on FreeBSD and OpenBSD actually.. need to reread that.

> * #68783: Calls scripts in /var/lib/dpkg/info without the full path, breaking
>   debconf. Wichert says he thinks it's a bug in the Hurd[1], but in any way
>   the behaviour debconf relies on is not guaranteed by any standard. He said
>   also he will add the work around[2], but it hasn't happened yet.

Just fixed this in CVS.

> * Depends on sysvinit (>= 2.72), which is not available on the Hurd.
>   A provides in some Hurd package is not good enough because dpkg can't
>   cope with versioned dependencies on provided packages last time I checked.

Still can't unfortunately.

> * dpkg-shlibdeps and /usr -> . symlink.
>   See http://lists.debian.org/debian-dpkg-0102/msg00006.html

I'll reread that, I'm rewriting dpkg-shlibdeps now anyway since the
current code is somewhat, euhm,

> [1] It's not.

It's a definite non-UNIXism at the very least.


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