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dpkg-shlibdeps and /usr/lib and the Hurd


an old bug for the Hurd port is back again.

dpkg-shlibdeps uses ldd again to determine the library paths (because of
libc5 compatibility), but this breaks on the Hurd, because ldd finds the
libs in /lib, but dpkg has registered them under /usr/lib. Recall that /usr
is just a symlink to . on the Hurd.

This makes dpkg-shlibdeps fail for all libraries in /usr/lib.

libc5 compatibility doesn't matter to us. Can we disable the relevant code
in dpkg-shlibdeps, and just rely on objdump? This worked fine on the Hurd.

The other hack would be to pass both, the full path and the path where /usr
is stripped of to dpkg -S. This does work, too (I used this in older
versions of dpkg, before objdump). I can provide a patch for this.


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