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cheating dependencies.


i need to convince debian that i have installed a package. how do i do that?
is adding the control fields in /var/lib/dpkg/{status,available} enough?

i know, i can download the source code of a program which depends on some
package and delete that package from control file. that's not good solution,
i'd have to recompile several packages. each upgrade. yuck.

i know that i could use --ignore-depends, but for me that's not very nice

i'd be happy to discover small script called provide-fake-package or so :)

for curious peaple: i need to provide mail-transport-agent. i have it
installed, but not from deb package. it's qmail installed the djb way :)
so, it is in the system, it works perfect, i just have to make debian
know that it already exists. then i can cleanly install mutt, mailx
and several other packages depending on each other. now i can't install
even syslog-ng, because it depends on logrotate, logrotate depends on
mailx and mailx depends on mta ;) weird, eh.

waiting for hints,
 use gnus not guns!

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