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Re: Bug#80560: -l<directory> option to dh_shlibdeps still needed

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Since 2.1.21, dh_shlibdeps has silently ignored the -l option, with the
> explanation in the changelog that 'dpkg-shlibdeps has its own much more brutal
> hack to make this work.'  With dpkg-dev 1.7.2 (current unstable), I'm told
> that the correct way to detect shlib dependencies in a multi-binary package is
> still to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH, and that the debian/shlibs.local file (the 'much
> more brutal hack'?)

The much more brutal hack is the objdump + ldconfig + autoscanning
shlibs files in DEBIAN directories stuff.

I saw the thread. I got the impression that setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH only
stopped a warning message. Is that not correct?

see shy jo

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