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latest dpkg mods, an update

Well, it's been a long night, but I have some good news.

I have modified lib/parse.c:parsedb() to use mmap.  In so doing, I was able to
eliminate the all varbuf* calls(both field and value) that it did(varbufaddc
once for each char in a field name, once for each char in a field value(879493
calls to varbufaddc before, 34796 after)).

Looping 10 times, for dpkg -s libc6 > /dev/null, gives the following numbers:

before=0m6.489s, after=0m4.385s

I have also implemented section string caching in lib/fields.c:f_section().
Instead of allocating a new section field value each time, I maintain a linear
list of previously allocated values, and return from the linked list, if a new
value matches.  On my system, this is a memory savings of 34865 bytes, but,
unfortunately, it appears to slow dpkg down(will check later, it's been a 
long night).

Before I check in the major patch above(which isn't all that large), I need to
add autoconf support for mmap, and when mmap isn't available, fall back on
buffer_copy into a huge buffer.

Version: 3.12
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