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Re: FW: Re: help: shlibs problem

> That's not true. Latest dpkg-shlibdeps uses ldd/objdump together. It uses
> objdump to get the list of library deps, and then maps it against ldd
> output to get the full PATH to just these libraries.

> So yes, it is quite reasonable to require using LD_LIBRARY_PATH to let
> dpkg-shlibdeps(ldd) know where this library is, even if you have shlibs.local.
> The reason being is that it needs to know the path to the library in order
> to map it correctly. It doesn't know that this belongs to the local build
> unless it can see the directory.

I guess I don't fully understand what dpkg-shlibdeps uses 'ldd' for.  (Sorry,
I'd check myself, but I'm at a Windows box on the end of a modem for the
holidays -- asking is easier than perusing source at the moment.)  What
mapping are you referring to?  What more does dpkg-shlibdeps need to know,
aside from the names of the libraries a binary is linked with and the list of
packages that provide these libraries?  If this is truly necessary, I
certainly have no problem with adding LD_LIBRARY_PATH where appropriate; I
just don't understand why shlibs.local isn't enough, since it provides the
info needed to generate a correct dependency list.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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