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Re: deb diff format (debiff) proposal

On Sun, 3 Dec 2000, Tim Jansen wrote:

> Hi...

I'm not going to look at the code(which I have every inkling will work),
because this will not be implemented.  The mirror hit will be enourmous.

All mirrors will still have to store the latest version of a deb.  This is in
case the end machine has an older version of that package, that is out of
range of the .debiff.

They will also have to store M revisions(or N old days), and this could
quickly bloat.

Is there an limit as to how small the .debiff file needs to be, before storing
a new full .deb would be beneficial?

While the idea of having differential debs has always been played around with,
no one ever seems to think about the actual saving it would yeild.

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