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Re: Dynamic registration of files to packages

On Mon, 20 Nov 2000, Steve Greenland wrote:

> So if I had both vim and nvi installed, what does dpkg -S /usr/bin/vi
> return? The advantage of a "dpkg-register" is that update-alternatives
> could call it too. Another (very small) advantage is that it could write
> to one file, which could be searched all at once rather than having to
> open each *.extrafiles file. Dpkg -S is already slow enough. :-)

dpkg -S is slow, but not for that reason.  To do a -S, dpkg intializes the
ENTIRE internal database.  However, this is not needed.  It should just read
in each .list file, and if it matches the requested pattern, store it for, as
there might be more than one package that contains the match.  The act of
reading in status, and cross referencing all .list, is the slow part.

I plan on doing something about -S, but it isn't critical, as -S isn't one of
the main pipelines.

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