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dpkg speed up

(Sorry, don't have a patch for this yet, I'll generate a combined one later
today, after I wake up).

In dpkg-deb/extract.c, there is a copy loop, that reads data from the .deb ar,
and writes it to a pipe(this is done inside a fork).  This copy loop was doing
it one byte at a time!

I also have dpkg-deb using zlib(I compile statically, so no external
dependencies).  This also gave a speedup.

Extraction of 13m tetex-base, after the deb was in the disk cache.

dpkg-deb version       | time
unmodified             | 9.843s
4k buffer              | 7.581
16k buffer             | 7.482
mini-gunzip            | 8.925
4k buffer+mini-gunzip  | 7.300
16k buffer+mini-gunzip | 6.439

Version: 3.12
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