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Re: [RFC] Package build time config for installation directories.


Ben Collins schrieb:
> libdir=/usr/lib
> syslibdir=/lib
> bindir=/usr/bin
> sbindir=/usr/sbin
> sysbindir=/bin
> syssbindir=/sbin
> mandir=/usr/share/man
> x11bindir=/usr/X11R6/bin
> (....)

I had a similar idea, but one big problem remains: architecture:
all. Every script would have to source these, and _every_ path
has to use them. The same goes for manpages and other
documentation, but there the situation is even worse since they
are not executed (thinking of -doc packages).

Then there are lots of binary programs which are not using
autoconfs facilities to make path's configureable.

In short: if things where the way they are supposed to be, it
would be possible, but since things are not, It would be a _lot_
of work.

PS: I was one of those who wanted to manage the free software at
theyer solaris sites with dpkg and friends, but after I realized
that I would not only have to heavly modify every package, but
also much of the software we package, I gave up on it.

ciao, 2ri
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